Problem reading generic profile from AC6000 meter

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Nadav Popplewell
Problem reading generic profile from AC6000 meter

I'm trying to read information from generic profiles on ACE meter.

(I'm using Java ME 1.3)

I can read information from Load profiles ( &

However, when I try to read the columns from Data of billing period ( I get a strange error.

Here is the tracing of the communication whith the meter:

09/07/19 13:43:13.569 - <- 7E,A0,1C,00,02,00,23,03,70,0A,59,E6,E6,00,C0,01,81,00,07,00,01,62,01,00,FF,03,00,C8,47,7E
09/07/19 13:43:14.159 - -> 7E,A0,0A,03,00,02,00,23,35,48,4D,7E
09/07/19 13:43:15.162 - <- 7E,A0,1C,00,02,00,23,03,70,0A,59,E6,E6,00,C0,01,81,00,07,00,01,62,01,00,FF,03,00,C8,47,7E
09/07/19 13:43:15.181 - -> 7E,A8,8C,03,00,02,00,23,36,BF,8C,E6,E7,00,C4,01,81,00,01,42,02,04,12,00,04,09,06,01,00,62,86,01,FF,0F,00,12,00,00,02,04,12,00,07,09,06,00,00,62,85,02,FF,0F,02,12,00,00,02,04,12,00,07,09,06,00,00,62,85,01,FF,0F,02,12,00,00,02,04,12,00,07,09,06,00,00,62,85,3D,FF,0F,01,12,00,00,02,04,12,00,07,09,06,00,00,62,85,3D,FF,0F,02,12,00,00,02,04,12,00,07,09,06,00,00,62,85,3E,FF,0F,01,12,00,00,02,04,12,00,07,09,06,00,00,62,85,71,8C,7E
09/07/19 13:43:15.184 - <- 7E,A0,0A,00,02,00,23,03,91,89,42,7E
09/07/19 13:43:15.225 - -> 7E,A0,0A,03,00,02,00,23,97,50,CB,7E
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: position
at gurux.dlms.GXByteBuffer.position(
at gurux.dlms.GXDLMS.getData(
at gurux.dlms.GXDLMSClient.getData(
at DLMSProtocol.GXCommunicate.readDLMSPacket(
at DLMSProtocol.GXCommunicate.readDataBlock(
at DLMSProtocol.GXCommunicate.GetColumns(

This seems to me like some problem in the decoding of the last packet from the meter..

Can somebody please help me to solve this problem?


Nadav Popplewell

Looks like the problem is related to timeouts.
before the attached trace I sent the request and got timeout,
Once I increased the timeouts the problem stopped...

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Thanks from this info. I'm glad that the problem is solved.


Mikko Kurunsaari
Gurux Ltd