Commenting topics:

Don't comment the topic if you have a new question. Select correct category from Gurux Forum and then create a new topic selecting "New Topic" from the top left.

At Gurux Forum, it is strictly forbidden to:

  • post any offensive, or even disrespectful text/pictures/links/any other material
  • provoke other users in any way
  • discuss about religious, racial and/or political issues
  • spam the forum, and/or its users
  • reply to any post that meets the criteria mentioned above

Gurux Forum users are guided to:

  • choose an appropriate username (note forbidden issues above)
  • not to include their E-mail addresses in posts
  • keep the posts under the relevant sub forum
  • not to reply, and discuss with misusers
  • respect copyright of Gurux Ltd, other members, other sites and all media
  • use descriptive titles, when starting a new topic
  • use normal written language
  • avoid SHOUTING and/or excessive effects in text

Gurux Ltd reserves all rights to:

  • edit, remove or put on moderation queue any post at any time
  • give warning(s) to members, who ignore/break the Forum Rules
  • ban users, who misuse the forum despite the warnings, either for a preset time, or permanently
  • move posts under correct sub forum / topic
  • deny usage of any username, if seen unfit
  • decide, what is offensive, disrespectful, provoking, irrelevant, etc, as noted in these rules