Supported Device Manufacturers

Gurux DLMSDirector is an easy-to-use application to communicate with DLMS/COSEM smart meters.

Even DLMS is a standard, there are several parameters that are manufacturer depending. For this reason there is a tool in GXDLMSDirector that you can use to set correct parameter so you can talk with the meter.

To view the list of manufacturers, whose devices have build-in support in GXDLMSDirector,
select Manufacturers..., in the Tools menu.

In the opening Manufacturers dialog

  • on the left, you get a (1) list of the supported device manufacturers, and
  • on the right, you see the (2) manufacturer specific settings
    (of the selected manufacturer).

Below the settings are (3) buttons to

  • add a new manufacturer to the list
  • edit the settings of any listed manufacturer
  • remove a manufacturer from the list,
    and below them, (4) button to update manufacturer settings online, and (5) buttons to confirm, or cancel the removal.

Add a manufacturer in the list

  • In the Manufacturers dialog, click the New button.
  • In the opening Manufacturer Settings dialog (picture below)
    1. enter the Name and ID of the manufacturer company
    2. check, whether to use Logical name referencing
      • using Logical Names (LN) is based on OBIS codes
      • Short Names (SN) use simply register addresses
    3. check, whether to use WRAPPER
      • WRAPPER is COSEM transport layers for IPv4 networks
      • Defined on standard IEC 62056-47
      • relevant only with Network connection
    4. select the Start Protocol
      • starting protocol: IEC (default) or straight DLMS
    5. In the Addressing section
      • check, whether to Enable authentication, and select Authentication level None / Low / High
      • set Client Address in Hex
    6. In the Server Address section
      • select the Address Type:
        • Default (according to the standard),
        • SerialNumber (used in multi-drop connections to get a unique HDLC address for each device), or
        • Custom (for devices that do not support the standard)
      • select the Type of the server address: Byte / UInt16 / UInt32
      • enter Serial Number Formula, if using SerialNumber Address Type
      • set the Physical and Logical address, to form the server address
    7. Finally, to close the Manufacturer Settings dialog, and save the added manufacturer, click OK.
  • Back in the Manufacturers dialog, click the OK button.
  • Exit, and restart GXDLMSDirector, for the changes to take effect.

Note: The settings set here are used by default, when adding a new device in the system.
However, some of the manufacturer dependent settings can be changed for a device, when adding it.

Edit manufacturer specific settings

  1. In the Manufacturers dialog, select the manufacturer, whose settings to edit.
  2. Click the Edit button.
  3. In the opening Manufacturer Settings dialog, edit the required settings.
  4. Save the changes by clicking the OK button.
  5. Back in the Manufacturers dialog, click the OK button.
  • The Manufacturer ID is not editable, once it is set. This is to avoid errors that occur, if the ID is changed by mistake.
  • If the Manufacturer ID needs to be changed, you need to
    • Create a new Manufacturer with a correct ID.
    • Remove the one with the incorrect ID.

Remove a manufacturer from the list

To remove an existing manufacturer from the list
  1. Select the manufacturer to remove.
  2. Click Remove button.
  3. Click OK button to confirm the removal.

Attention, Device Manufacturers
If your meter type is not yet supported, kindly, send us the settings, and we'll publish a manufacturer template for your device type, too. This way, you will get more visibility, and our users will get more easy-to-use options.

To get your settings in the list

  1. Save your settings by creating a new manufacturer with your name and ID.
  2. Restart GXDLMSDirector.
  3. Go to directory C:\ProgramData\Gurux\OBIS or, in older systems, C:\Program Files\Common Files\Gurux\OBIS.
  4. Copy the .obx file with your ID, and attach it to an E-mail message to us.


When there are new manufacturer templates available, you get a notification on the UI of GXDLMSDirector.