Gurux sampleclient not reading profilegeneric buffer and capture_objects

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Gurux sampleclient not reading profilegeneric buffer and capture_objects


I'm testing the sampleclient (java) you provided for reading a profilegeneric object from GuruxDLMSServerExample in this way :

1) I launch the sample DLMS Server with this configuration :
GXDLMSServerSN_47 SNServer = new GXDLMSServerSN_47();
--> In GXDLMSProfileGeneric instance I see that the attribute "captureObjects" is correctly populated with clock and register object :
pg.addCaptureObject(clock, 2, 0);
pg.addCaptureObject(register, 2, 0);

2) When the GXProfileGenericUpdater runs it adds values to buffer attribute of GXDLMSProfileGeneric instance

3) When I run sampleclient with this params :
GXDLMSClient dlms = new GXDLMSClient(false, 16, 1, Authentication.LOW, "password", InterfaceType.WRAPPER);
--> in GXCommunicate.readProfileGenerics() I can see that "entriesInUse" and "entries" are correctly read but attributes "buffer" and "capture_objects" from "pg" instance that are read on client side are always empty...
--> Can you please complete the sample in order to see how to properly read the attributes "buffer" and "capture_objects" from a ProfileGeneric object ?


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Hi Mansour,

I'm so sorry that I have not answer for this question. For some reason I have not noticed it.
Someone reply spam for this and I noticed it accident.

Is this problem still active or have you solved it?



Mikko Kurunsaari
Gurux Ltd