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Cristiano Matias
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Invalid Meter type


When trying to use the Gurux App with an ISKRA M19 1376 meter and an ISKRA SONDA-5 optical probe,
the following errors are prompt when trying to read:

"Invalid meter type"
"Failed to receive reply from the device in given time"

It seems like the settings for this meter are wrong. The current settings are:
Manufacturer: Iskraemeco
Start Protocol: IEC
Authentication: None
Wait time: 5
Client Address: 1
Address Type: Default
Physical Address: 0
Logical Address: 0

What could we do to solve this? And what addresses should we use?

Thank you.

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Change client address to 0x10 and Physical address to 1.
But the problem is that the meter doesn't reply to the IEC handshake. Can you try to connect with GXDLMSDirector and test this with it? It's easier to check the settings with GXDLMSDirector and you can see send and received bytes.

We don't have ISKRA SONDA-5, so this can't be tested.


Mikko Kurunsaari
Gurux Ltd