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Landis+gyr E650

Hi all,

I need your help please,

I want to supervise a network of Landis+gyr E650 MeterS on a server.
The meters have RJ45 ports for network connections.
My telecom network is based on routers installed in every site.
The meters are connected to routers and then brought to the server over an OSPF based network.
I configured the meters (IP adress, mask and gateway)

When i connect the meter to my laptop, everything is OK and i can ping it.

The problem is that when i connect the meter to the router, the ping from the router does not pass. The led of the RJ45 port of the meter starts lighting green but the RJ45 port of the router remains shutdown.

Knowing that when i replace the meter by my laptop (with the same IP configuration), the router starts working normally and the ping passes.

I have some sites where the meter is connected to a switch (not directly to the router) and on these sites the behavior of the meter changes.
The ping is working (event from the remote server) but still the RJ45 port of the switch has an abnormal behavior: The link's Led (normally green) is shutdown and the traffic's Led (normally orange) is orange blinking but very weak and it's hardly seen. (one more time when i replace the meter by my laptop everything works normally).

Is there any constraint on the power delivered by the ethernet port of the meter?
Why does the laptop works with the router and not the meter?
Is there other parameters to configure/change but the IP, mask and gateway?


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There is Ip4Setup object on the meter. Make a connection using GXDLMSDirector and check your values.
I'm sorry, but this is all the help what I can give on this. You should ask for more information from the meter vendor.


Mikko Kurunsaari
Gurux Ltd


Thank you Mikko