Issues for Gurux.DLMS.Python

Summary Status Priority Category Component Replies Last updated Assigned tosort descending Created
UpdateAmount, SetAmountToValue and InvokeCredit methods added to Credit object. Active Normal Support request Code 1 month 3 weeks Administrator 1 month 3 weeks
Support for High resolution clock added. Time is in ms since 1970-01-01 00:00:00. Active Normal Feature request Code 1 week 2 days Administrator 1 week 2 days
OBIS codes descriptions updated to the version 3.3. Active Normal Support request Code 1 week 1 day Administrator 1 week 1 day
GXDateTimeOS, GXDateOS and GXTimeOS classes added to write date time values as octet string. Active Normal Support request Code 5 months 4 days Kurumi 5 months 4 days
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