Issues for Gurux.DLMS.Python

Summary Statussort descending Priority Category Component Replies Last updated Assigned to Created
GXDateTimeOS, GXDateOS and GXTimeOS classes added to write date time values as octet string. Active Normal Support request Code 5 months 4 days Kurumi 5 months 4 days
UpdateAmount, SetAmountToValue and InvokeCredit methods added to Credit object. Active Normal Support request Code 1 month 3 weeks Administrator 1 month 3 weeks
Support for High resolution clock added. Time is in ms since 1970-01-01 00:00:00. Active Normal Feature request Code 1 week 2 days Administrator 1 week 2 days
OBIS codes descriptions updated to the version 3.3. Active Normal Support request Code 1 week 1 day Administrator 1 week 1 day
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