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DLMS for Android

Hi . im going to make an android application to read OBIS codes of DLMS meters.
I plan to recieve DLMS data by an Optical port which is connected to OTG port of the phone or Tablet andi Im writing the app codes in Android Studio. Can someone help me how to define DLMS protocol in Android Studio ?
How can i send codes to the meter ? How does it recieve data from the meter?

j siva narayana

Dear all

I am writing the android app for read meter data from DLMS meters,
please provide the sequential steps and commands to connect meter from mobile and read particular value based on OBIS Code like [ manufacture number, kwh , kva ... values ]

I am getting error " Device is not responding in given time -1"

in m_clinet attributes it shows connected=0 , what is correct value
please provide sample code
Thanks & Regards
siva narayana

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There is an example on the Gurux.DLMS.Android. It does all this.


Mikko Kurunsaari
Gurux Ltd