gurux.dlms.cpp - autodetect class id

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gurux.dlms.cpp - autodetect class id

Is it possible to autodetect class id ? My requirement is that user enters logical name (like for example ""), program determines class id and then reads value of this register. Problem is that when reading register value I need to know class_id (another name for class_id is object type). The goal is to minimize amount of configuration information. I know that there are special registers named association views (like for example During testing GXDLMSDirector I noticed that I dont have the option to read association only for required register. I must read whole array which is vast amount of data. This requires considerable amount of time and then I dont need 99% of that information. Is it possible to read required association based on logical name which is input parameter ? Could you please provide sample code for this ?

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Autodetect class id

Shortly: No,

You can get the class id from OBIS code for a lot of objects like clock:
There are also a lot of objects, that are using same OBIS code but class id can be different.
The manufacturer can decide what interface type they want to use.



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