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We are working on the server example 2. We first need the creation and implementation of the special days table object, activity calendar object and the currently active tariff object (as data).

Like you know, we always need to be aware of the current tariff number. This is possible with the help of the activity calendar object. We need to implement a function that has as input the current date and time and will give as output the corresponding tariff number based on the activity calendar (check the picture 1). Like you can see in the picture 1, based on the current time/date, we first check if this day is included in the exceptions days table. If yes, we jump directly to the corresponding day table id. If no, we should identify in which season and week table we are so we can jump to the corresponding day table id. After this, we will be able to know the current tariff number. The function should be time driven based.

This feature is very important and much needed.

We also want you to implement the method linked to the activity calendar object (not implemented yet in the gxinvoke file). The method "Activate passive calendar" should copy all passive calendar targets to active when the activate passive calendar time is reached. (check picture 2)

Finally, we believe that the special days table and the activity calendar should be stored on the flash to preserve all the changes through the GXSerializedMeterData structure.

If you need more details or information feel free to ask.

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Lara Wakim

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