option to set communication delays

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option to set communication delays

I am missing option to set communication delays. Some meter types need exact timing. For example when communicating with IEC meters, we use in our software two configurable delays:

delayBeforeHighSpeedSent - applies after receiving first (identification) packet from meter and before sending command for switch to higher baudrate (ACK 2 Z 2 CR LF). Recommended value 500 ms. Some types of meters like for example Sanxing require lower value around 250 ms.
delayAfterHighSpeedSent - delay after sending command for baudrate switch (ACK 2 Z 2 CR LF) and before switching serial port to higher baudrate (typically 9600 baud) and receiving response from meter. Recommended value 250 ms.

For chinese meter Sanxing additional delay is required in our program:
minimumDelayBetweenPackets - default value 0 ms, for Sanxing 100 ms. It means that after receiving response from meter we must wait additional 100 ms before sending another request. Without introducing such delay the communication using DLMS protocol is not reliable.

Without options to set these delays DLMSDirector cannot be used to read list of objects from Sanxing meter. Of course you can use your own default values if you think they are better. I have not exact statistics for every meter on the market. You can see communication log below. Communication parameters were 300 baud, 7 data bits, even parity, one stop bit.

[09:36:49:421] - Open port COM11 (C:\Users\kolar.APPLIEDP\AppData\Local\Apps\2.0\0A1BE1N3.V8A\MHL6YH1G.6ZD\gxdl..tion_fac3cc4fecb816b3_0008.0002_2b2fd78d215b1592\GXDLMSDirector.exe)

[09:36:50:567] Written data (COM11)
2f 3f 21 0d 0a /?!..
[09:36:51:735] Read data (COM11)
2f 41 55 58 35 5c 32 53 58 35 41 32 53 45 4c 53 /AUX5\2SX5A2SELS
2d 30 47 50 30 31 34 0d 0a -0GP014..
[09:36:51:737] Written data (COM11)
06 32 35 32 0d 0a .252..
[09:36:53:814] - Close port COM11

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I really know what you mean by this. :-)

Changing to Mode E is not easy and it's causing problems with the meters. It's not easy to understand that a small delay can make a difference if you are not reading smart or devices meters before.

I need to think about how we can add this functionality.
I don't want to add new values to devise settings. It's already very complicated.



Mikko Kurunsaari
Gurux Ltd