More information from Gurux Conformace tests Gurux Conformance Tests contains following tests

Gurux Conformance Tests

  • 1. Structure tests for send and received data
    Gurux Conformance Tests can't check is content of data correct. Tool can't know is value of active or reactive energy correct, but it tests structure of data. All objects are tested that can be found from the meter.
  • 2. OBIS code validation
    All OBIS codes are validated and check that they follow the rules of the standard.
  • 3. HDLC framing maximum size
    Maximum HDLC framing size is checked. If meter proposes that max frame size is 200 bytes, it's checked that more than 200 bytes is not sent in one frame. This is not very critical when TCP/IP or serial port communication is used, but this might be fatal with RF communication.
  • 4. Max PDU size.
    It's checked that meter respects maximum PDU size that client asks and don't use bigger PDU than client asked.
  • 4. Writing
    All objects that can be write are tested by writing read value back. Wrote value is not changed. Then it's read again to verity that is's not changed.
    Write test is ignored by default. You must activate it when tests are started.
  • 5. Invalid password
    After tests are completed, connection is closed and connection with wrong password is try to made. If you want to execute this test, invalid password must set on the test settings.
  • 6. Content of Association LN
    Content of Association LN is checked that they are correct.
  • 7. Image activation
    Image activation is tested as described on Blue Book