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Next Step please if you can!

Hi all,
As you know, I am trying with bluetooth probe and Holley meter which works on DLMS Protocol,
I am sending this and receiving this:
1- Send --> var bytear= byteArrayOfInts(0x55,0xAF,0x3F,0x21,0x8D,0x0A)
Receive <-- /HLY5\2xxxxxx
2- Send --> var byteack = byteArrayOfInts(0x06,0xB2,0x30,0xB2,0x0D,0x0A)
Receive <-- ACK 202

I think now meter goes to Mode E right?
then I tried to send SNRM with these two options, but no luck any help to set frames of SNRM?
7E A0 07 03 21 93 0F 01 7E
7E A0 07 03 23 93 BF 32 7E
I am waiting you bro.

Edit: I think probe works on 300 baud rate, and I think I need to change 7E1 to 8N1 mode for probe to start HDLC communication right?